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Celebrating Chinese New Year 2017!


In 2017, the year the Spring Festival falls on January 28. This will be the first day of the new lunar year. Official output in China will last for 7 days - from 27 January to 2 February. 3 and 4 February (Friday and Saturday) - the official working.

However, the actual celebration will last for a few weeks or even a month. Already a week before the moon, "the first of January" wholesale markets, and many businesses are empty, and China will "great migration". Not the most comfortable time for China rail travel. production and supply of calendar should also be taking into account the duration of the weekend.

Traditionally, the preparation for the holiday begins three weeks before the New Year - 8 th day of the lunar month of 12. The culmination of the celebration of the Lantern Festival is becoming - it takes place in the 15 th day of the first lunar month (in 2017 falls on 11 February).