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How ChinaCable.ru project was created and what problems it solves


In 2010 I visited the WireChina exhibition in Shanghai, and in 2011 came to the same exhibition (WireRussia) in Moscow. I was surprised by how little had Chinese companies and how much European. It is clear that the European quality is better, but then the equipment cost 4-5 times more expensive. Besides, I knew that a lot of enterprises in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to work in the Chinese hardware, and Turkish mills are increasingly buying machines from China. And that's when I came up with the idea of ​​the representation of the Chinese producers in the Russian-speaking market. But because of my employment, the idea was shelved.

As time passed, changed circumstances, in 2014th I moved to Russia, and it is time to find in the box Putnam idea. "Representation of Chinese manufacturers ..." - Is it true now? I decided to reflect on this matter and bring some help.

After analyzing the market, I came to the conclusion that the situation has not changed much compared to the year 2011, Chinese equipment still was not enough represented in Russia. And this, in turn, left room for my ideas.

With regard to the financial crisis in the country, I'm not too worried about that. Firstly, all seeking to reduce production costs, and high-quality Chinese equipment in this great help. And secondly, people are looking for new ways to try to earnings to develop new production, including cable, as an example of a cable factory in Ivanovo, which built and launched just during a crisis.

Well, in the end, I had a positive experience working with China and the Chinese people, including the search, acquisition and operation of cable equipment, and I would not want to experience this in vain. And then it was decided to create ChinaCable.ru

In short, the essence of my work now is the interaction with the Chinese manufacturers of cable equipment. I visit their factories, visit their manufacturing customers to see the equipment in operation. Those who are interested in working in the Russian market and can offer quality equipment to join our project.

Of course, the Chinese interested in the Russian market, but the demand it is not so great that to yourself to open representative office here, keep staff, and rent a room. It costs us much less, since we represent several factories, and the work we are doing the same, as potential customers are the same and differs only in the interaction of a number of proposed positions. Incidentally, this is another plus, we present a wider range of equipment than each producer individually, we can agree on a comprehensive supply and installation of equipment.

For organizations interested in Russia we are expanding the selection field and reduces the cost of the search and inspection of foreign manufacturers. Who has experience with China, I think, knows that quality equipment is not easy to find. The market is flooded with unreliable suppliers: trading companies, which present themselves as producers; small shops, open day before engineers who go off to create their own business; frankly the children of Lieutenant Schmidt with abstruse schemes.

In the video excerpt where Sinologist Elena Gessler visiting Dmitry Puchkov says just about visiting "alien plants" in China:

If you try to find your company through the Internet, then you should know that the Chinese Internet is quite gutted to communicate with the outside world, and the Chinese companies do not bother much about the translation of his English, and even more so, and Russian versions of the site. They are usually used for the translation Google. Read the translation is fun, but not informative. It's not because they are bad or stupid, just they have such a mentality.

In addition, I find good manufacturers, I'm still trying to establish their interaction with the market the way it is taken from us. For each represented company created Russian-language website, which is hosted on Russian servers for fast operation. We also translate correspondence, requests and suggestions as needed. Explaining Chinese colleagues, in which cases need a precise calculation, and when it is possible to give an approximate price, when you need an urgent answer, and when a response is expected in due course.

Availability of the site, the advertising budget and interested audience gives us an opportunity to offer another free service to Russian companies - it is a platform for placing ads for used / equipment.

The plan is an extension of our service and offline. Now we are working hard to make when installing equipment in Russia was attended by our Russian experts and after the warranty period, in case of damage, do not have to wait for an engineer from China. Perhaps, the Russian expert on money is not much cheaper, but over time it will be faster, and more convenient in Russian. Another plan to make the spare parts warehouse in Russia for all the companies that we represent.

In short, we find good manufacturers and adapt them to the Russian market.

If you have questions, tips, suggestions, please contact us by mail, please leave in comments. If you have friends in the cable industry, tell them about us.

While this is all I wanted to tell you. Thank you for attention!