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О трудностях работы с Китаем.


I wrote already about why it is necessary to work with China and what I see as positive sides. Now I want to write about the difficulties.

The first problem is that buying the cheapest equipment in Europe or America, you are sure that it will work as much as it is stated. Perhaps there will be low speed, there will be no basic options, perhaps an outdated model, but it will work. With Chinese equipment is not so. In China, you can not look for equipment on a "cheaper" basis. In China, there is almost no lower price limit. For the same extruder according to the declared parameters, I saw a price of $ 120,000 and $ 30,000 from different manufacturers.

Over the past six months, I was twice asked to help launch Chinese equipment, it had no brands I knew, judging by the fact that Chinese companies selling equipment could not help, they were either trading companies (about them later) or just those , Who work in the lower echelon of quality.

The fact is that in China various kinds of shops and factories grow like mushrooms. Very often the engineer of any company leaves and creates his own, but not all businesses are doing well. I do not understand this at exhibitions, I often met modest stands of stable companies and pompous big stands of companies, which, according to rumors, had no orders for several months and did not work accordingly.

Of course, nothing good to expect from a company that is in agony is not worth it. Very little chance to get quality and follow-up service at the proper level. If you buy Chinese equipment, the best! You can understand those who are limited in money and are considering buying cheap Chinese equipment, as the only way out for opening a new production or upgrading the old, but there are pitfalls. For example, I'll make an analogy with the opening of a taxi fleet: if this is a family business for 1-2 cars, which you are ready to service yourself, then you can buy old seven lashes that will break, but you fix them yourself and, knowing the weak points, will operate neatly . If it is a question of 5 cars or more with hired personnel, then such an undertaking becomes extremely dangerous - hired drivers will drive the way they are used to, even if you yourself understand cars, you will not have time to repair them.

The next problem is the intermediaries. In China it is very common. And it's not about mediation itself, but how it's done. Trading companies are trying to impersonate producers, they are taking you to a foreign plant and are not allowed to speak directly. You, of course, start to guess that not everything is clean, but time has already been spent and the mood is spoiled. Such intermediaries exist both among expensive manufacturers and among cheap ones. But worst of all, when trying to give out cheap producers for expensive. Be careful, and if it seems to you that something is not being negotiated, then most likely it is. Another type of mediation, when real producers sell branded products that they did not produce. The problem of such mediation is that in the pursuit of a long ruble, such producers are not always reselling high-quality equipment, and the fame of their own brand makes it possible to wind up a high price. In addition, if they did not tell you immediately that they were selling their partner's equipment, in case of problems or questions in the operation, in order not to lose face, they can not give you direct contacts and try to consult themselves, which does not always solve the problem.

Be careful when working with companies that offer too much range. Usually in China, every company that manufactures cable equipment specializes in a small number of models with a similar manufacturing process. If the company offers a very large range of equipment, I advise you to clarify whether they produce everything themselves, and it is better to visit the plant and see this.

Another note that the Chinese during the negotiations try not to say that they do not understand something and say simply "yes", make sure that you understood and understood correctly. Pay attention to the details in the specification, let us know what is important to you and what you pay attention to when accepting everything that is specified in the specification.

And the last advice to those who first work with Chinese manufacturers. China is no longer the younger brother and talking with them from this position is not true. Do not think that familiarity is not noticed.

In short, look for honest partners without discounts on misunderstanding and mentality!