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Slip copper rod breakdown machine

Price: from manufacturer HOSN.
Slip copper rod breakdown machine

Main Capability Characteristic

Machines are presented in the following models: LHD450/9, LHD450/11, LHD450/13.

The drawing blocks rank in a horizontal row, and the cantilevers of all die holders are very short and in equal length.

The surface of drawing blocks is coated with tungsten carbide material, whick is strong in hardness and wear proof, having long life span.

Main drawing machine and dead-block are driven separately, and all the dies can be changed conveniently and easily.

Continuous dual take up, automatic reel-change, the automatic reel-change can be done at more than 99% efficiency.

Drive by DC motor, the imported PLC and touch screen (Siemens and Preface)is convenient for operator to set and display the parameter on the touch screen.

Technical Spec.

Type LHD450/9 LHD450/11 LHD450/13
Max drawing dies   9 11 13
Inlet wire diameter(mm) Φ8.0 Φ8.0 Φ8.0
Outlet wire diameter(mm)   Φ2.0-4.0 Φ1.5-4.0 Φ1.2-4.0
Max. line speed(m/s)   18 20 25
Drawing capstan diameter 450 450 450
Main motor(kw) 250 250 250
Total power(kw) 480 480 480

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