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Loose Tube Line

Price: from manufacturer Tongding.
Loose Tube Line


The line is used to extrude loose tube optical fibers with quantity of 2-12 or 24 cores. The outer diameter is 1.2-4.0mm. The extruding material: PBT.

Main technical data

Optical fiber number 12/24 core
Pay-off tension    0.4 - 1.5N ±0.05N
Optical fiber reel size 25km/50km reel
Line structure speed 800m/min
Operation speed 20~600m/min (Ф1.8mm)
Extruded tube dia Ф1.8—Ф4.0mm ±0.05
Take up reel size PN800mm
E.F.L range 0~0.3%
Extra-attenuation ≤0.02dB/km

Description of the equipment on the company's website