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Premise Cable Production Line (SZ Stranding Type)

Price: from manufacturer Tongding.
Premise Cable Production Line (SZ Stranding Type)


The line is mainly used to produce distribution cable and break-out cable with cores of 2-12.

Main technical data

Diameter of tight optic fiber Φ0.6mm, Φ0.9mm
Diameter of premise cable Φ1.8~Φ6.2mm
Line speed ≤60m/min (Dia. 6.2mm, PVC)
Size of tight fiber reel Φ235mm, Φ400mm
Stranding angle 0~±6π
Stranding Pitch 80~400mm
Aramid cops no. 12cops
Extruder SJ65
Size of take-up reel PN630mm~PN1000mm

Description of the equipment on the company's website