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About a trip to Shanghai and visit to Wire China 2016


I want to tell you about a trip to Shanghai and visit WireChina 2016.

Tickets take later, direct flights were very expensive, flew through the Guangzhou Chinese airline. The aircraft was new. Despite the economy class was a lot of leg room, comfortable seats, individual outlet and a lot of good films in Russian.

At arrival in Guangzhou Airport we were met by staff and pointed out the direction for the connecting flight to Shanghai, as well as molded us round yellow stickers. No problems have arisen, everything is clear, so getting lost is almost impossible.

From Guangzhou to Shanghai, about 2 hours fly, conventional aircraft for domestic airlines.

In Shanghai it was hot! But after Moscow is even pleasant.

Then check in to the hotel. Hotel, thanks to the Chinese friends turned to reserve not far from the exhibition center. A taxi to the exhibition came out about 28 yuan, equivalent about 300 rubles. Taxis can be caught on the street, all of them painted and marked accordingly. If the characters on the roof lit green, hand pull. Address I explained showing a photo exhibition center on the phone. To return, it suffices to take a hotel business card with their address and show it in a taxi.

The first day of the exhibition:
Hall. Here you can register and get a badge to enter.

The first day I visited the stands of its partners. Hosn, as always, at height - just a huge stand! They also presented a new model zhestkoramnoy twist. The presentation was held with crackers and fireworks. Xinter and Tongding also present, but the stands have been modest. Director Huacheng exhibition was not, he met visitors from Russia in his home town.

The whole exhibition is very large. The first pavilion for foreign participants, 2nd and 3rd for Chinese equipment manufacturers, 4th and 5th equipment and materials.

Many participants highlighted that visitors from Russia more than at the previous exhibition.

This Chinese counterparts brands, generated in the last craze for copying logos and names. I wonder who told them that it helps? It may be so different cultures, writing, and the perception that it is not an attempt to copy a particular brand, but simply an attempt to look as it is customary in the other world for them.

Here you can free drink of water. Please note, this is just to put the cooler box is made of cardboard. Here it is the Chinese savvy, "cheap and cheerful" that is inherent in Chinese. I've been there to notice it.

Equipment for the processing of scrap cable. At the entrance of pieces of wire, and the output of copper and crushed insulation.

Here there are some interesting stands:

On the last day of the show very few visitors and some benches fold in the morning.
In the lobby of silence.

Here are some photos of China.
Opel and Chevrolet, Buick here. By the way, I think, motorists learn Chevrolet Lacheti other optics.

Toyota Crown, in Russia are rare. Not to be confused with the Camry.

But a taxi in England.

But the food is different. By the way, I do not eat spicy, this is not a problem. Often in the menu next to the dish draw peppers and depending on their number can understand the degree of severity of food. Chicken, rice noodles and pork in a delicious sweet sauce.

Well, just views of Shanghai.