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As I began to study cable equipment

It all started back in 2010. I then worked for a small company the bread of the city of Tashkent. He supervised the project went on business trips in Russia, was a couple of times in China. Work honestly, and this has earned the location of the leadership, which was reflected in the fact that once started a new project, I passed another old staff, and he was taken to be a new one. I did not mind, it has always been interesting and the result is always the beginning is particularly noticeable, and if in fact honestly try, the result will almost always be a plus.

 It happened this time, the boss called me and said:
- We have decided to establish a production of cable, you been in China?
- I Was.
- Well, you need to figure out how to make the cable, and decide what we need for this equipment: European, used European or the new Chinese.

In general, the problem was this: from the cathode to make a wire rod, wire rod of wire and wire cable. A little searching among the cable operators have found a technologist who is well versed in the cable. He was not prepared to work constantly with us, he gave some advice and we really thought that they themselves can handle without technology, but my boss agreed with him that he would have to consult throughout the period of the creation of production and did the right thing!

Experience went to Turkey. Uzbekistan has good relations with Turkey, similar language and culture partly contribute to this. We found a Turkish trading company, which is potentially interested in our future products. And along with them the first time I went on the cable plant. I listened to arguments that it would be better from Europe or the new China. For yourself noticed on the Turkish mills Chinese volochilki. They put them on the European die, good filters and emulsion work. And manufactured cables are sold, including in Europe. Of course, these volochilki were some of the most expensive in China, but seems to have been worth it. Just there I saw a furnace for the production of copper wire rod, also in China.

After returning from Turkey, I learned that a few months in China will WireChina exhibition, which will be submitted for factory-drawing mills, which I saw in Turkey. I decided to wait for the exhibition to become better acquainted with the manufacturer to find others and compare before you make definite conclusions.

It's time we went to China in an expanded format. We arrived at the exhibition, and were surprised at how huge it is. We could not even go through it all in 4 days. We walked only those who produce exactly what we need. Collected catalogs and requested specifications. After the exhibition, we visited the company everyone thought serious producers. We saw it all in detail and asked that the Chinese could not understand, we are super pros felts, roofing felts the contrary the first time it is seen.

Then we spent a few days over the specifications, comparing all the parameters and configuration, writing out the best from each manufacturer in a separate specification. So, we turned to the specification of the ideal machine, and at the meetings, we said that we need such equipment. If the Chinese once hesitated, we showed them the desired item from a competitor specification with the words "Oh, sorry, you can not do this, but for them it is", it spurred them to do so, as we requested. As a result, we have collected yourself a good set of equipment.

In China, we also visited the cable plants that use equipment that we want to buy. It was nice to see the new, clean and modern factories. We felt that if the owners of the major Chinese mills trusted manufacturers selected by us, then that says a lot.

European used equipments we already found not suitable. To buy European used equipments have to be already a major manufacturer, have good technicians who will be able to customize everything and maintain, have a channel to supply spare parts, etc. And as the experience we have at that time was not, we have arranged an option, when we arrive, everything is put, learn to use and will give a guarantee. As for the new European equipment, it is very expensive. Discourage him it would be very hard, but if you have money and take a loan, so together with the interest on it alone and would have to work.

After gathering all the information and ideas together, we returned to Tashkent, where once again, already with the boss, think about it. It was decided to return to China, this time for a deal. This journey has been long. It was necessary in addition to the main lines to buy all the accessories, to see whether to buy in China lab, ensure delivery. From purchasing to manufacturing, we took about a year and a half. But I'll explain it some other time.

 And at the end of this article for beginners advice - the most important in the production of a technology. A good technician will help you understand how much money you need for the start of production, what equipment and how much time it will take preparation. In general, it is to save money and time not only in the purchase, but also in active production in the future!