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About China, and why it is necessary to learn to work

One day I was watching a TV show, where auto-travelers told the master about how they traveled the whole of China. Before the trip, they scored a lot of equipment in case if the link does not work - satellite phones, navigators offline, maps, etc. However, having driven from the far east to China, none of this they are not very handy south. And even in remote villages of the mobile phone and mobile internet. They also noted the good quality of roads and other wonderful features of what leading at one point added, saying: "This they are so we will soon catch up and overtake." The boys smiled and told us that they have long been surpassed.

I agree with that. It is worth to go there 7-10 days to travel on business across China on their transport, to visit the factory, look at the industrial zone, it immediately becomes clear how much they all developed. Especially transport infrastructure: roads, railways, air-message. Especially it is necessary to allocate high-speed trains, very comfortable and quick mode of transport, which allows to conduct business at a great distance. Creating such an infrastructure, the government is laying the foundation, and then people will work and develop. The state also provides many benefits for businesses. For example, for those who open it production, but using imported raw materials, processes and sends the finished goods abroad, thereby using only Chinese labor and space.

Industrial zones built in vast areas. In one part of this area - the very industrial area, in another part of the residential area - beautiful tall buildings, supermarkets, amusement parks and even swimming pools. And this is also supported by the state. Creating the conditions for the opening and business development, Chinese government officials raised the country as a whole.

In the '70s Mao Zedong, he made a bid for self-employment of the population, which is now said Boris Titov, but then it was mainly small businesses, which covered the domestic demand in the field. The economic reforms of Deng Xiaoping in the late '70s, gave impetus to the development of larger enterprises, which appeared in the early 80s and today has grown to export giants. However, as the Chinese themselves have told me, it all began just 80th, with the struggle for the domestic market. It was only in the 90th, those who won this fight, begin to export their products in the other country. India, Bangladesh, etc. Gradually the company master the international language of English, trained to work with the rest of the world.

Here it is understood that China has lived for thousands of years with its principles, with its own culture, with its script, and a very complex language. Many of the common stereotypes do not work there. All this created a very large and creates a barrier. Even at present, China is in no hurry to part with their originality and are very reluctant to absorb international culture. Internet basically closed and tourism develops substantially only in the business sector. However, even in these conditions, they are rapidly progressing in product quality and the interaction with the customer, thus actively conquering markets are already in Europe and America, and not only the nearby markets and underdeveloped countries.

In Russia, China does not come slowly. In fact there is not one reason. Firstly, thanks to the rich two-thousand, Russian businessmen are accustomed to working on European equipment, and China withdrew into the background as the even cheaper, but not reliable (and most are not clear) provider. Second, for China to get acquainted with the rest of the world, Russia has become not so tasty morsel, especially in times of crisis. They tend not to open offices here, include multilingual staff, because they understand that, in spite of the availability of resources, the level of development of our industry is not so great for their industrial capabilities. In other words they have outgrown us, and now we are in the roles is not particularly desirable.

China's growth is noticeable even in their work standards, standards of communication with clients, sometimes they are taken up from us. Demanding performance specifications for, and they are also responsible in detail. However, they give priority to personal meetings. They think that if a person really have the money, and he is ready to create a business, it must come to China, see the production equipment, and only after that to talk about a discount. Therefore, when they begin to be traded via e-mail, they do not take it seriously and do not like to waste time on it.

In summary it can be said that China is rapidly progressing, and ideas about it that could arise 10-15 years ago is completely not true. Some manufacturers have become powerful and reliable partners, sparingly about their reputation and in many ways have reached international standards. Of course, there are "smart-ass", interrupts from order to order, ready to give a great discount and then, in the process, change the ordered products towards cheaper.

But back to Russia. The dollar rose strongly against the ruble. Fell purchasing power as a whole. A product must be done, because 150 million. People live, work, and in need of goods, whether it is cable or anything else. But it must be at a lower price than before. Chinese equipment can help with this, but until now the attitude to it meets skepticism.

In my opinion, I do not want to offend anyone, sometimes it's ignorance of the real situation, and sometimes just laziness. Too lazy to understand the Chinese market, Chinese manufacturers, and they say, "We are looking for a European and the head, we will not get sick." But today, someone who is not lazy and is not afraid of the one who tries to understand and eventually disassembled, buy cheap equipment, and wins.

In my experience in Uzbekistan for a long time tend to buy the new Chinese. The Chinese even bought the best, receive substantial savings in 3-4 times the value of the European.

All that matters is that when choosing between multiple offers many Chinese do not save, and you can lose a lot, as I'll explain in the next article - "How should one choose, and what is to be feared." So if you buy the Chinese, it should buy only the best.

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have long been working on Chinese equipment. And if we continue to wait for further improvement of the situation, you will soon begin to goods coming from these countries. With the resources of copper, it is sufficient to raise the amount and they take our market. Russian factories will have to somehow compete, but it will be difficult, because there is cheaper labor, cheaper equipment, the energy is sometimes also cheaper. The only way to raise taxes, which may be contrary to the political agreements and if it is, it will not be easy.

So my advice is, do not fear to go to China, they are not afraid to look. You can start in Russia, to contact us or to other services.

A ticket to China worth $ 350-700 depending on the season. If appropriate translator 100 -150 $ $ per day. Hotel accommodation will cost $ 50-100 per day. Breakfast at the hotel is usually free. Lunch or dinner, you will always treat with those to whom you have come for a visit, if you will go to him at this time. And will feed well, without any obligation on your part, simply for the fact that you came, saw, and given the chance. If you want to eat yourself, and find McDonald's and other familiar brands without problems. In general, the food can be distinguished 20 $ -40 $ per day. For trips there are taxis and trains. Taxis should be preferred to the official, they counter, and can be distinguished by a special coloring. All taxis are equipped with navigators, show the point and reach will not be any problems.

It should be understood that, in time to work with China to be easier and easier. Will open service centers. There will be more Russian-speaking managers, will open offices of enterprises and dealers. It will be a different level of the Chinese people, they are more likely to occur to me in China, there has grown up a generation to form close to the European one, they are already working in companies, manage departments, nice to work with. Do not be afraid of China, it is necessary to work with them.