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Tilting rotary furnace Al Ingot Recycling Line

Price: from manufacturer Xinte.


Tilting Rotary Furnace (TRF) is specially designed and used for remelting low quality aluminum scraps such as UBC, aluminum dross and slag, castings with iron, swarf/chips etc.
Compared with normal melting furnaces for aluminum scraps, the aluminum recycling rate of TRF can be improved 3-5%, with 25-45% much more energy-saving and 30% faster melting speed.

Various types of raw materials:

dirty aluminum scraps
aluminum scraps with iron
aluminum cuttings & chips
Used Beverage Cans (UBC)
light & thin aluminum scraps
aluminum slag & dross


25%-50% energy-saving
40%-50% less slag generation
3%-8% lower aluminum loss
35%-55% faster melting speed
40% less industry salt application

Description of the equipment on the company's website