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Optical Fiber Coloring and Rewinding Machine

Price: from manufacturer Tongding.
Optical Fiber Coloring and Rewinding Machine


The machine is mainly used to color the surface of optical fibers and makes it easy to identify the multi-fibers in the loose tube. It is also used to rewind fibers. The line is adopted control system of international advanced PLC and industrial man-machine interface.

Main technical data

Coloring speed 2500m/min (Nitrogen gas )
Rewinding speed ≤2200m/min
Pay-off and take-up tension 0.3N~1.5N ±0.05N
Traversing pitch 0.1~1.0mm ±0.01mm
Extra-attenuation after coloring ≤ 0.02 dB/Km (SM, 1500Nm)
Optical fiber reel size (max.) 25km/50km
Reel weight 10kg

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