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Auxiliary Equipments

Price: from manufacturer Xinte.


In order to get aluminum alloy product with high quality (evenly-distributed composition , lower hydrogen volume, lower impurities), we researched and developed series of auxiliary equipments for melting such as permanent magnet stirrer (PMS), online degassing system, online filter system, etc.

Vibrating materials charging system: load the aluminum scraps raw materials to the furnace fast and evenly.
Aluminum dross processing/recycling machine: to reclaim and recycle 90% aluminum form the dross skimmed from the furnaces.

Dross cooling & crushing & screening system: cooling and screening the dross, to further recycle the aluminum form the dross, and improve the economic value of aluminum dross.

Dust collector: Lower and remove the exhausting of the solid dust and toxic gas.

Description of the equipment on the company's website