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The trip to China and visiting productions

The trip to China. The idea of ​​information representation liked Chinese companies. As a result of the trip has contracts with four companies producing cable equipment:

  • Hosn - manufacturer of drawing mills;
  • Xinter - manufacturer of equipment for the production of aluminum products and recycling of aluminum;
  • Huacheng - manufacturer twisting machines of various types;
  • Tongding Optical - manufacturer of equipment for the production of fiber optic cable.

All the companies I visited personally, as well as plants which produced equipment used.

Huacheng Hosn and have experience of deliveries to Russia, Tongding Optical has experience of deliveries to Kazakhstan and Xinter equipment is currently on its way to Russia on one of the cable factories.

Ahead of work on creation of Russian-language versions of sites Chinese companies, translation and publication of information on our website. Big plans for the development and creation of convenient service for you.

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