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Rigid Frame Stranding Machine

Price: from manufacturer HOSN.
Rigid Frame Stranding Machine

Main Capability Characteristic

The machine is presented in three models: JLK500 6+12+18+24, JLK630 6+12+18+24+30, JLK710 12+18+24+30.

The machine is driven by 36 variable steps drive gear-box, with dual active, dual hauling capstan, its haul force is so strong that can reach 15t. Natural wire distribution for preventing abrasion damage of wire cores when stranding.

Wire pay-off tension is controlled pneumatically to guarantee constant tension in full loaded bobbin or empty bobbin. With automatic emergency stop device, in case of wire break the device can control directly every pay-off bobbin in the cage and the entire machine will automatically stop at once.

The machine can stranding the copper wire of 630mm2 above 90% compressed intensity rate, which can meet the requirement of big across-area XLPE cable.

Driven by DC motor, the imported PLC and touch Screen (Siemens or Preface), which is convenient for the operator to set and display the parameter on the touch screen.

Technical Spec.

No. Item Unit Parameter
1 Stranding single wire Dia mm Cu Φ1.5—Φ4.5
2 Stranding single wire Dia mm Al Alloy Φ1.5—Φ5.0
3 Stranding single wire Dia mm Al Φ1.8—Φ5.0
4 Max section area mm2 AlCu 1400Cu 800
5 Cage rotate speed r/min 43—176
6 Capstan wheel size mm Φ2500×2
7 Strand pitch mm 38—1070
8 Haul off speed m/min 6—44.6
9 Pre-twist pitch mm 550-2600
10 Central pay-off bobbin size mm PND630
11 Cage reel size mm PND630
12 Take -up reel size mm Φ1600-3150
13 Machine Center height mm 1100
14 Total Length mm 64 000
15 Machine total weight kg 100 000
16 Main motor  Power kw 185
17 Total Power kw 220

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