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SZ Stranding Line

Price: from manufacturer Tongding.
SZ Stranding Line


The line is used for SZ stranding of loose tube elements Ф1.8-Ф4.0mm

Line specification

Loose tube dia./number of tube Ф1.5-Ф6.0mm / 12
Structure speed 100m/min
Cable-making speed (when banding pitch=25mm, stranding pitch=65) 90m/min
SZ stranding angle ±4 ~ ±18
SZ stranding head speed (max) 2000rpm
Binding head speed max. 4500rpm
Binding pitch 20-50mm
Stranding Pitch 50-200mm
Fiber loose tube pay-off reel size PN630~PN800, PN800-PN1250
Accuracy of the counter 0.2%

Description of the equipment on the company's website