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Visit russian representative to production of Yueyang Xinte in China

Company is located in Yuyane, almost in the center of the country, not far from the port on the river Yandzy. River helps the city to develop, providing access to the sea. The city is modern and by Chinese standards is not large, about 1 million. Man.

The plant is located half an hour from the hotel, and consists of three workshops. Two of them are large hangars, united by a common platform with a canopy. All the time of my stay in the territory I was accompanied by Head of Sales and Export Manager. I was shown to a private enterprise laboratory, where most of the test oven was installed. It shows how to test high-efficiency burner, with the image received from special cameras that are installed directly inside the furnace. Pretty exciting.

On one of the stands were great items, a process which has not yet been completed development, and my interest in it kind answer has been given, that is a secret. Have their secret designs I was pleased, because it is a direct proof of the fact that production is not in place and continues to improve. Not only the laboratory, but also the entire manufacturing plant differed thoroughness, cleanliness and order. The buildings are relatively new - the main complex was built just 6 years ago, which also indicates a high level of development of the enterprise. Despite multiple foreign supplies for Yueyang Xinte main sales market continues to be China, indicating a high degree of confidence on the part of local customers.

This year, the company's equipment will be installed on one of the cable factories in Russia, is currently being prepared for shipment. I think about it, we'll tell you more. You can see a photo of the plant below. Photos and videos shot I personally, no plays, and special equipment, a regular camera on your mobile phone. Let me remind you that the purpose of the project is access to information, without intermediaries, you can go for more information on the businesses or to me, or directly on the plants, the price is in no way affected. Use our service, happy to be helpful!