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Visit russian representative to production of Tongding in China

The company is located in Hefei (Hafey), on the train about 3 hours from Shanghai. It founded the company in 2006. In 2015, the volume of export sales was approximately 30%. The company has experience in equipment sales in Kazakhstan. Currently, the company's management considers Russia as a promising market, in 2016 we took part in the exhibition Cabex and now with the help of our hopes to bring you information about yourself.

The Company is not huge, but they know their job. Production area covers 3600m2, and it employs about 60 people. Location Equipment extensive supply, excluding China is such countries as Kazakhstan, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, India, South Korea, etc.

The first two days of my visit in the company, I was told about the types of cables and any equipment which is intended. Of course, I was surprised, once a student at a desk, but realized that this style of doing business. The approach is very businesslike. Owner and director of mr. Zhang constantly in the center of events, keeps everything under control and tries to make productive use of time and other resources.