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Visit russian representative to production of Huacheng in China

The company was founded in 1988, located in the city Vendzhou. From Shanghai, about 4 hours by train. The company is certified according to ISO 9001. In the shops I saw 5-6 lines of varying degrees of completeness. This suggests that the company has enough orders. The company most of their equipment sold in China, to export the equipment gets either directly from the company or through sales agents. This is because the head of the company is not ambitious, it directs focus on the production, paying little attention to marketing. Chinese companies, knowing this, do not pay attention to the lack of gloss on the shop floor and office and trading companies aware of the good quality and low price sold Huacheng equipment under their own brands. For me, this recognition of quality Chinese companies speaks volumes. Such companies are hard to find in China, they advertise themselves poorly, and sometimes do not even have English-speaking staff, but working with them, you can save well, without losing quality!