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Visit russian representative to production of HOSN in China

Headquartered Hosn located in Shanghai, and the production is a 3-hour drive by car from Shanghai. The company is a serious and to customers are accordingly. If you are thinking to visit the production, then you will be taken to either the car or on a comfortable high-speed train, accompanied by Russian-speaking manager Yana Guo. In Russia, Jan is already well known, as it has sold more than one line in our country. The company has a large sales force, employing managers owning all major languages ​​in the world, it also confirms that the company really works all over the world. If you see the production, I think, no doubt that you will not.

It founded the company in 1984. Three times was renamed for the last time in 2011, the company changed its name from HOLD to HOSN. Renaming it was due to the fact that the company has worked in areas of "Construction" and "Cable equipment", and part of the company which is engaged in construction machinery, together with the name purchased another famous Chinese company LiuGong. Personally, I think this is a good indication of the high level of development of the company. The production base and the production of cable equipment staff were retained, only the name has changed.

I have personal experience with volochilkoy this company, in 2011 we bought a drawing machines for the production of copper wire annealing, automatic dual receiver and stacker in the basket. Having no experience with copper wire, we have achieved an excellent quality at a good rate! Before choosing the equipment of the company, we visited a few factories, as well as the exhibition Wire China and can say with confidence that Hosn one of the best in the industry.

I suggest you be sure to visit the plant and see around themselves. In addition to its plant at your request will show you the plant where the equipment produced by the company is already working HOSN. Pre you can see the photos: